Friday, April 22, 2011

[emery's funny walk]

"We noticed a while back that Emery had a funny way of walking. We had concerns so we took her to a specialist this morning :)

She has a condition called FEMORAL ANTEVERSION.
Femoral Antiversion is a condition where the femoral neck leans forward in respect to the rest of the femur. (The femur is the long bone that runs between the knee and the hip.) This causes the lower extremities to rotate internally *the knee and the foot twist toward the midline of the body.* When Emery is standing with her feet forward, her patellae (kneecaps) point inward.

She also has a condition called INTERNAL TIBIAL TORSION, which is more prominant in her right leg than her left leg.

Internal Tibial Torsion is a twisting of the tibia (the bone that runs between the knee and the foot.) The inward torsion is a variation of normal anatomy and is caused partially by a child's position in the uterus during pregnancy. In children with this condition, when their kneecaps are facing forward, you notice medial rotation of the feet. (Curvature of the tibia, resulting in a bowing affect.)

So, thanks to my small Uterus, Emery was positioned in a way that has caused her little legs to develop differently then they should have. The Doctors say that in 99% of cases kids will outgrow the condition by the time they are 10 years old :) Looks like we will just have to encourage her and kiss her ouchies when she falls... and pray that her gait improves with age."

So, the above is what i posted on Facebook... but I am going to take a minute to rant in my blog because my feelings run a little deeper than that.

I am SO thankful that it wasn't something more serious, but my heart hurts for the little girl Emery will be a few years from now who walks differently than the other kids her age... and the ridicule she might experience because of it. Kids can be so cruel... and bullying is such a problem this day and age that any differences a child might have are sure to be exploited.

I feel so silly complaining about this when there are children out there who are going through something much worse than dealing with a crooked walk, but no parent wants to see their child suffer *even if the suffering is mild and short lived.*

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