Friday, May 20, 2011


Something isn't right.

And for once...

I dont even have the words.

Just to speak of spark and lightening from a shattered heart, it takes courage to let you enter to see into my dark. -alr

she ran into a plate glass window.
she wonders why and where.... and how you are.
she dreams of hallucinogenic romance.
she's using an alias.
she's got an address that is unlisted.
all you've ever known is all you know you know... and its not much.
a mere speck of dust sinking to the bottom of a deep black ocean of time.
she loves him so hard that sometimes she cant swallow.
she loves him behind her eyes.
she's wondering what could happen
but she knows what would happen.
she tells me so. she knows she glows.
light switch flipped... scale's been tipped.... tongue equipped...
10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1...
to merely exist in one another's orbit.
alcohol fuzz. she tends to love just because.
she says "baby, he knew i was gonna run...
that's why I tried so hard..."
she loves to watch him come undone.
she says "baby, if i let him own me
i'd lose this amazing curiosity...
he is mine and i am his and that, my friend, is all there is."
she puts her vehicle into 4th gear
and whips around this machine she manipulates.
healthy hips... smiling lips... clever quips.
there is no reverse. only forward speed.
just a touch and a September blush.
her smoke screen... silk sheen... Vaseline.
she is all the things that i can't seem to be.

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