Thursday, August 11, 2011


I went to bed last night with the girls at a little after 7:00 and got some much needed rest. I awoke refreshed and ready to start the day.

Today we are going to clean up around Grandma's house and play outside. The weather is so amazing! I went outside to grab my purse out of the van and it was actually ALMOST a bit chilly. I stood in the driveway for a second and closed my eyes and breathed it all in. Lovely.

Frank is "turning and burning" down in Fort Worth. He is running between yards in Fort Worth and Hearne, Texas. He is working alongside almost 30 other Conductors on his current board (instead of the 10 he is used to) but he is getting a ton of hours and averaging 4000 every two weeks, which is FANTASTIC money.

The transfer to Wichita is in the works. It should take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months. On the bright side, the longer it takes, the longer he gets to work down in Fort Worth and make good money :) Once he gets transferred to Wichita it will be a Remote Engineer position, which has its benefits. It's a yard job with a set schedule and weekends off. It will be great to have him home and be able to plan things for once. Plus he will be driving trains by remote control. How bad ass is that?! Lol.

Frank and I have been doing SO well since I got back from visiting Derby last time. It's as if we were seeing one another for the first time. The lines of communication were open in ways they never have been before. We laid in bed and talked for hours! He rubbed my feet and played with my hair... and we really got to know one another in ways we haven't taken the time to get to know one another.

Frank and I both have issues that pertain to ourselves as individuals, but when it comes to our MARRIAGE and "Frank and Amy" as a couple, we really don't have a lot of the issues that I see other couples struggling with. I think with the stress of having multiple children, Frank's high stress and demanding job, living in Blanchard OK (uggh) and being away from our families for the first time, and the laundry list of other stresses that have all compounded these last few years, it's a miracle we have survived... but I am GENUINELY and PASSIONATELY glad that we have.

I miss him substantially. I have gotten used to him being on the road and being away from us for periods of time, but it's never EASY, just bareable. It's the nature of his job. I feel more secure and content in our marriage than ever before, and I can't wait to see him on the 3rd of September.

Trey's 9th birthday is August 21st, and Eisley's 3rd birthday is September 10th. We have decided to have a double family birthday party for them on the weekend of September 3rd so that Frank doesn't have to drive up from Texas twice :) Trey is having his buddies over to spend the night at Grandma's house on his actual birthday and will be having his "friend" party, so it looks like he will have to settle for a Little Mermaid birthday cake and decorations at the family party. Lol. Such is life.

My mom and I are going to look at a few rentals here in Derby this weekend. There is a 3 bedroom / 2 bathroom duplex on Osage St (right behind the old Dillons) that is available September 10th. It has a 2 car garage, backyard, full finished basement, wood burning fireplace, and is really spacious. It's also newer, and we know the woman who is renting it personally. The backyard ISN'T fenced in, however, and that was at the top of our list of things we were looking for because of the kids. I guess we will see.

There is also a rental over by Pleasentview Elementary on Georgie street. It's an older house, but it has 4 bedrooms, fenced in backyard, and a garage. It's the same price as the newer duplex though, so that is something to consider. We are trying to stay between $800.00 and $900.00 a month when it comes to paying rent.

As soon as I nail down a program for the girls to attend during the day I am considering looking in to getting a part time job. I need to do something productive and contribute to our family financially. I also need to interact with other adults. I think that would quell my need for going out and being social. I was thinking about maybe going to Applebees and waitressing. I made at least $100.00+ every night I worked, and it was cash in hand at the end of every shift. I ran into one of the managers the other night when I was out, and he told me to come by. It's worth a shot.

I am still feeling GREAT about my choice to stay away from any kind of drinking. If I have the urge to go out and/or drink, I am going to call my brother. He has had such success with sobriety and he is a valuable resource!! I am committed to the betterment of myself and my family. The only thing standing my my way is MYSELF :)

That is all for right now :)

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