Saturday, August 13, 2011


Wow, so much happened yesterday that I am not even sure where to begin. I will start off by saying that i am enjoying blogging every day. It feels good to do something for myself. I dont really care if anyone reads it or takes any active interest in what I have to say, but sitting here with my fingers on the keyboard... pouring out whatever comes into my mind... feels liberating and is rather therapeutic.

Anyway, yesterday was quite the day. The kids all seemed to get out of bed on the wrong foot. Everyone was cranky and tired. We managed to make it through the early morning in one piece, but by the time 11:00 rolled around, it was DEFINITELY time for naps. I have been having a hard time keeping Eisley in the bedroom for nap time because she has figured out how get in and out (even WITH the toddler proof doorknobs.)

I put the girls down and sat beside the door until I was sure they were sleeping. I figured this was the best solution to the problem. I went downstairs to do the dishes... and after 10 minutes I heard the pitter-patter of little feet running around upstairs. Upon inspection, I found that Eisley had gotten into the bathroom and eaten an entire bottle of Children's Chewable Tylenol (80mg.)

I called poison control, her pediatrician, and anyone else I could think of. Needless to say I was totally freaking out. Come to find out it wasn't enough of a dose to be toxic or damage her liver, but it WAS enough to possibly make her sick.

In all of the commotion, it somehow escaped me that she had ALSO found scissors and butchered her hair. She cut off at least 4 inches in the back in a few places, chopped off quite a bit on the top, and cut down to the scalp in the front. *sigh* Luckily Mort was able to fit us in and fashion an ADORABLE little bob cut out of the mess. Super sassy.

While we were there, however, Eisley managed to throw a full-on temper tantrum... complete with kicking, screaming, crying, thrashing around, and near hyperventilation. Mort took it all in stride and was a good sport. By the time we left, Eisley was worn out and ready to crash, and so was I!!

When we got home, the girls were pretty much ready for bed, considering they didn't nap and had spent the day on a mission to drive their mother crazy. After a few hours of sleep Eisley woke up and puked everywhere. She went back to sleep, only to wake up and puke everywhere a second time. Poor thing finally got back to bed for good, hydrated to the hilt by Pedialite.

This morning everyone seems to be feeling much better. Eisley is up to no good and is her usual ornery self. Trey had to go do some community service with his football team bright and early, and then is headed over to the varsity/JV scrimmage at Panther Stadium with a friend. Emery seems to just be going along for the ride. She is such a sweet puddin. In the midst of the chaos she is usually the calm.

Frank called last night and let me know that UP has plans of furloughing many of the Wichita / Oklahoma employees at the end of the season. When the weather is cold, they cut back on work. That doesnt bode well for his transfer up to Wichita. Frank has also tasted the fruit of Fort Worth... with the fabulous pay, tons of hours, and the company of all of the guys he trained with. I have a feeling that our little family is eventually going to end up down there... (but that's a blog post all in itself.)

Hoping today is a little less stressful! Tonight we are having dinner at my brother's house for my parents 40th wedding Anniversary. Got a sitter for the kiddos so that we can enjoy the evening in the company of adults for once!

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