Friday, August 12, 2011


It's the start of another beautiful day. I am going to go ahead and repeat that one more time, in hopes that in repeating it I can somehow will it to be. "It's the start of another beautiful day!"

*Yawn!* I am super tired this morning. It seems that I always require more sleep than my children. I guess that is how it's SUPPOSED to work, but I sure wish it wasn't. If they would only sleep in until maybe 8:30am, I would be a happy camper! 7:00am is just too early, darnit!

Yesterday my two youngest kiddos were terrors. Eisley has learned how to work the toddler-proof doorknobs that we have been using the last year to keep her out of things and to keep her contained. It's unfortunate. It was hard to maintain order before, but now it's near impossible.

I welcome challenges as a parent. I expect challenges! It means I have critical thinkers, problem solvers, and highly intellectual children. Lol. On a completely serious note, I do firmly believe that my kids are bright kids. They never cease to amaze me. On more than one occasion I have taken a step back and asked myself "where on Earth did they learn THAT" or "I can't believe they figured THAT out!" It makes for some long days and some high blood pressure, however.

We are still working on potty training with Miss Eisley. It has been weeks since we have a tinkle accident, but we can't seem to get the poo in the potty. *Sigh* I am at the end of the my rope with it. I am hoping that she will eventually figure it out! Emery seems that she is interested in potty training as well. It would be quite the trip if Emery ended up mastering it before her sister. I really dont care in what order it gets done, but I am sick to death of poop, and I can't wait to not have to worry about it anymore!

I spoke with Frank last night and it seems as if he is going to be working down in Fort Worth for a while. The transfer and all of the paperwork/training it takes to get up to Wichita will take a while. It might even be the first of 2012. Being apart that long will SUCK, but the money he will be making in the meantime makes up for it. (slightly.)

Since the kids and I arrived here in town, I have been on a mission to try and find somewhere for us to live (naturally.) It was my intention to have somewhere nailed down by the 1st of September. After much consideration and in talking with frank, we have decided it may be in our best interest to take a month or two to look for the right place, and to save save SAVE. We have some things we would like to pay off and it would be nice to grow a good sized financial cushion before we take on anything new. 

Since the kids and I have the chance to stay with my parents (which means no money going out the door every month for rent and utilities), that easily saves us upwards of $2,000 in a two month time period. Can't argue with that. Plus I dont want to rush into signing a years lease on a place i am not in love with. We made this mistake with Blanchard and our current apartment.

Any way, my computer is acting funny lately. It took me WAY too long to type this since my cursor kept putting me in different places and deleting what i typed. Hmmm. I am going to run a virus scan and pray that it fixes it. I have also been having issues with facebook. *Grumble!* I guess I will just have to wait and see.

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