Monday, May 2, 2011


this blog will have two parts.

part one :

i am sick of hearing about the "death" of Osama Bin Laden. firstly, my opinions regarding what REALLY happened on 911 -which have changed drastically recently and are too lengthy to write about at the moment- have led me to associate Bin Laden with being more of a pawn of the Bush administration than the mastermind behind the attacks, so i feel that his death does not bring justice to those that died that day. in fact, focusing on Bin Laden has taken the focus off of those who are really responsible for the attack on this country, which is a tragedy.

secondly, due to his crimes against many nations, the death of Bin Laden is definitely not a BAD thing, but I am not going to rejoice in the murder of any person... for whatever cause. in the states, if i was to kill someone who had threatened to kill me or had killed someone i loved, it would be murder and is illegal. i view this event in the same way. i am not going to cheer and scream out in happiness that several human lives have been lost in the quest to murder someone, which is basically what happened. i know this man has been painted as the one who is responsible for the deaths of thousands, but does that make it ok to seek him out and take his life or rejoice in his demise? doesn't that make us just as bad?

part two :

Frank got a call from Trey's principal today and was told that Trey was hit in the face by a tree branch *yes, a tree branch* on the playground. If you remember in a previous blog I mentioned a student named "JOE." Well, "JOE" is the student that pulled the branch back, smiled, and let it go... thus hitting my son directly in the face. Luckily nothing is broken and his teeth are intact. Getting hit in the fact by a full grown Bradford Pear tree branch could do some serious damage.

Any way, the principal told Frank that the student was disciplined accordingly. Come to find out, the student had to sit on the bench at recess, count to 1000, and then continue about his business. Now, call me crazy, but that does not seem like the punishment fits the crime! At least the principal called, which is a step up from the LAST incident. -shaking my head-

I am sick of all of this nonsense happening while Trey is at school. The adults who are supposed to be watching these kids to ensure crap like this doesn't happen aren't doing their damn jobs. If you see a group of children hanging around (or on) the tree, tell them to get away from it, so as to avoid one of them getting hurt! It's common sense.

I am so ready for this year to be over. We will be making other arrangements when it comes to next year in regards to where Trey is attending. No doubt.

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  1. You are so articulate and stand your ground so well. I admire you for that. The fact that people have fallen back on insulting you shows their lack of grounding.
    Some folks are just unable to accept other points of view graciously.