Tuesday, May 3, 2011


I have found that this blog could very easily become a dumping ground for my negative thoughts. I want to avoid that.

"Like Attracts Like!" Simple enough. Example: Positivity breeds positivity.

When once we finally realize we are "TOTALLY" responsible for everything that manifests in our lives, we are able to take the "Like Attracts Like" adage very seriously and consciously use this simple law to create the life we desire.

Put simply, positive thoughts vibrate at a high frequency, and negative thoughts at a somewhat lower frequency. Each negative thought we allow to remain uncorrected in our mind acts as an anchor to our overall vibrational frequency and "attracts" manifestations to us that are not in harmony with our highest purpose, while withholding those that are.

It is in our best interest to IMMEDIATELY replace a negative thought or word with a positive one...and it need not even be related to the subject. Virtually any positive thought will help to neutralize the negative thought because all we are talking about in truth is vibrational frequency, not the subject matter of the thought.

So, I am going to vibrate today. Positively vibrate.

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