Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[20 Things]

20 things I have noticed recently...

1.) My couch permanently smells like syrup, and I have no idea why.

2.) If you tell Eisley not to touch something... she will not only touch it, but it will most likely become her favorite item in the entire world.

3.) If you put my Emery's hair up it will be taken down within 5 minutes... every time. Usually Eisley is to blame, because for some reason Emery is not allowed to have a ponytail.

4.) I use *at least* one entire spray bottle full of carpet cleaner every week, plus a full spray can of disinfectant.

5.) My son insists that dish detergent is called "dish salt"... and he claims that he will always call it "dish salt" because it's just the right thing to do.

6.) Emery twirls her hair around her fingers when she is tired.

7.) Eisley has 3 "special blankets" that she hauls around with her everywhere, but she does not call them blankets or blankies, she calls them "my covers."

8.) Trey uses more hand soap than I knew a person could use (because he is evidently afraid of germs) which is a good thing, I guess... considering I dont have to worry if his hands are clean! On the other hand (ha) he will drop something on the floor and then pick it up and eat it. Interesting.

9.) For some reason my girls call breakfast time "chair time", and even though they have IDENTICAL highchairs, somehow they know which one is theirs and insist on sitting in it. *I think it might just be a plot to drive me crazy!* 

10.) Even when it's time to go to bed at night, we say 'Happy Napping' instead of goodnight (even to Trey Bear!)

11.) We still tuck Trey in at night... and when we accidentally don't... he lets us know he is not pleased.

12.) Frank and Trey walk the exact same way. EXACT. Trey is a mini Frank. I love that life made that happen for our family.

13.) We laugh.... constantly... and we have more "inside jokes" than we can keep track of. Every day it's something different.

14.) Emery will say "thankyou" in response to everything. EVERYTHING. Eisley pushed her down the other day, to which Emery replied "thankyou!" I told her the other night that it was time to go to bed. She gave me a hug and said "thankyou!" It's adorable.

15.) Eisley would sleep in the bathtub if we'd let her.

16.) When Eisley is sleepy she sings to herself... and it's usually her own special version of the Barney theme song, which goes as follows. "I love you, I love me, I love meeeeeeee, you love meeeee!" Over and over and over again.

17.) Trey has learned that when it comes to his chores, much like his dad, if he continues to do something the wrong way i will eventually take over and do it for him. *Shaking my head!* It takes a lot of work to get out of working, and a lot of smarts to look that incapable.

18.) My girls are obsessed with "Chocate Miwk." I only give it to them once a day, and whenever they get sippy cups throughout the day I will watch them study them, sniff them, and take a careful sip to see if it's "chocate miwk!" They are usually rather frustrated when they realize it isn't.... and I get several pouty faces.

19.) Emery is a snuggle-biter and snuggle-snotter. Every now and then she will give me or Frank a big hug and snuggle up into our chest or shoulder, and then give us a tiny nibble or blow her nose on our shirts. We have such a hard time getting mad, because it's just so darn cute... *Sigh*

20.) Trey is 8 years old going on 16... in the sense that he knows EVERYTHING and insists that Frank and I are the most uncool parents in the world *at least when he is in public!*

(this list will be continued as time goes on, of course)


  1. Well, I know why the girls call it "chair time." When they are at our house and it is time to eat or color, I tell them, let's go "chair time" and they head for their high chairs. It's a Grandma thing.

  2. Well that is what they say every morning :) Eisley will wake up in her room and I can hear her over the intercom saying 'it's chair time. Go chair time." Lol.

  3. A few things - We still tuck Emma in too. Really bugs her if we don't. We talk regularly about how Emma and Tyson were made for each other. You'd never know they aren't biological father and daughter unless you know. =)

  4. :) Life tends to happen as it should...