Monday, April 11, 2011


Intuition and intelligence are the things i value most these days. i want to connect to another and their complex thought. i crave stimuli. so many survive on the surface level because the depth of feeling brings extremes of joy and sorrow... and most don't want to face it. i am searching for the place where there is 'thought'... intelligence that registers things based on perception. i crave intuition that sparks the unexplainable, intangible, but very REAL force where i believe love and hope come from. i yearn for the feeling when you first meet someone and you can already sense the entire story but want to read it any way. i have come to realize that the pleasure of knowing things in the present is also a means to an end. sometimes we forget where our endings begin... and recently I have come to see that all i want is someone that can help me to remember.


  1. Have you thought about taking a philosophy class? That's all about thinking! :)

  2. I am going to go back to school and start over on a career path that is right for me :) I just have to figure out what the career is. I was giving serious thought to law *or some aspect of law* but I have reservations about the time it would take to complete my degree and the money it would take to pay for school. -Scratching my head-