Wednesday, April 13, 2011

[express yourself]

yeah, i know.
no, i don't.
but soon i will.

all i want to do is write.  not add numbers.  not take phone calls.  not misspell.  not flip burgers.  not walk the beat.  not heal sick people. 

all i want to do is fly.  all day.  wings or no wings.  doesn't matter as long as i'm not bound by gravity or the need for food or air.  i like the feel of clouds on my face.  cool.

all i want to do is love.  not hate.  not argue.  not say stupid shit.  not do stupid shit (like saying stupid shit).

all i want to do is roam space aimlessly and stumble upon cool shit like something outside the spectrum of my hopefully boundless imagination.

i want to commune with unicorns.  the ones with wings and spectral eyes and pink feathers and gills and webbed feet.  the kind of webbed feet where the webs only come out in water. weird.

i remember that i don't remember my dream from last night.  but it was a good dream.  a great dream.

i love competition, but don't care for losing so I try not to. yup.

i want to use more words in my common speech. a while back some guy honked his horn on madison and asked me where james street was. i told him that james was parallel to the street we were on, and i could see in his eyes that he didn't know what parallel meant and I'm sure that he saw in my eyes that in the given time before the light changed, I couldn't think of a synonym for his dumb ass.  the thing is, he may very well be smarter than me.  doubtful, but possible.

i'm not so smart.  i mean, who can be, really?  i may be one piece of datum short of a gigabyte of omniscience, but i'll still never be able to tell you what i meant when i said nothing.

all I want to do is write well.  i would have been a scribe but i not only want to write... i want you to read it... unless you're not interested.

i'm egocentric.  you get that way when humanity has disappointed you.... especially the ones who are said to love you in theory.

in my youth i ran wild in my imagination. i ran wild in my imagination until my imagination was not sufficient to keep me happy.  i had to create my world in reality and i have done very well doing so, but not in perfectitude.  yeah, i made that word up.  hey, somebody's got to do it otherwise we'd just have words like cat, but not feline.

i wouldn't have named it a Venus Flytrap.  it's obviously an earth fly eater.  venus doesn't have such plants.  ask C.S. Lewis.  he knew what was up... and down.

i was once in love so deeply that i wrote a book of poetry chronicling the period.  then i fell in love again and wrote another book of poetry but it was a place, not a person that i fell in love with.

and i am finished. whew. hey everyone... feel free to express yourself.  it's the only proof of existence

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