Monday, April 11, 2011

[i want]

I want to make a trip down into The Grand Canyon every other year.

I want to love, to cherish, and to hold.

I want to take my parents to Paris. They deserve that and so much more.

I want to see the Pueblo houses, drive leisurely cross country, take in all of the landscapes that I have always taken for granted (and never even seen.)

I want to spend a year in the summer traveling away from ghostly, wicked winters.

I want to breathe in some hints of what's to come. I want some red arrows, some signs up ahead. This mystery is killing me... though I'm quite positive about the possibilities.

I want a place to call my own, a dog, a garden, and bookshelves that continuously fill with new literature. I want an archive of history, real history. It's voices, (the rare ones most folks never hear). I want music, speeches, talks, and recordings in all shapes and forms that I can pass on to my children.

I want to visit the cold, not survive it.

I want lips to kiss and kiss and kiss.......

I want to know that I make a difference, not just in the casual way. I want to know that I bring light to the people I encounter and comfort to those the universe guides my way.

I want to learn, be taught, sit in wonder at another's brilliance. Is that asking too much?

I want to have time to read.

I want never to stop dancing!

I want my smile to be met with a smile, my openness met with the same.

I want loneliness to stay at the safe comfortable distance it now stands... it is brilliant to have company down grocery isles, a tree decorating partner, someone else to drive,  and two other hands to help fold the sheets.

I want warmth and palm trees... but I also want fall colors.

I want to see the colors of the Serengeti. I want to visit ruins of the past and let them breathe into me.

I want to be healthy in every respect, thoroughly and holistically healthy from head to toe, and in all my layers and hues, constitutions and illuminations.

I want to be appreciated, understood, and loved.

I want a lot, and not. I want change yet I want things to stabilize. I want all of this and so much more.

I'm ready for anything, anytime, and anywhere. Ready or not. I'm already there.