Sunday, April 10, 2011

[first date jitters]

So, after much thought and careful consideration, I have decided it's time to start a blog! Surprise Surprise, right! Anyone reading this most likely already knows that on many occasions I have used Facebook as a blog and as a journal, for which I (honestly) make not apologies. I am an open book the majority of the time, and I take pride in being who I am and feeling what I feel and being able to share those thoughts and feelings with the world :) I do NOT consider myself to be one of the most interesting or intelligent people out there *by any means!* I do, however, consider myself to have had many valuable life experiences that, in turn, have made me into a person with deep insight regarding a variety of subjects! Motherhood, marriage, friendship, addiction, education, politics, and religion are on that list, along with song lyrics, movie quotes, and what celebrities lend their voices to animated characters :) Again, let me stress that whatever insight I might have regarding these topics comes from nothing but years and years of just LIVING *and living out loud for that matter*... and not from any credible sources (ha!)

Also, if you choose to follow this blog, be prepared to read many stories about my beautiful children [Trey, Eisley, and Emery... who are my world] and my wonderful husband [Franky Lee... who makes my world stand still!] 

Yes, I share every adorable moment, every disgusting mess, every deeply philosophical conversation I have with my 8 year old (who knows everything these days), every challenging situation I find myself in as a wife and mother, every "waking up the next morning and having to replace the bathroom door" type fight I have with Frank, every moment of reflection on the many blessings I have, every instance of lonliness or frustration I feel, and every moment in which I feel as though I might just sell 'em all to the circus.  

Any way, I wasn't sure how to START a blog, so all in all I am satisfied with my first blog post. Who knows, I may crank another out before the night is over. *Especially now that I've gotten over the first date jitters!*


  1. You will have fun with a blog, Amy! It really has helped me work through things. The people that can benefit will and the people who want to know what's on your mind, now have a place to read any time they want! :) They also can't get on you for posting too much or what you talk about because this is YOUR blog. :)

  2. :) I am super excited! I love to write and after looking back over my Facebook posts from time to time, I have come to realize I have a lot to say... Lol.

  3. This is a good start. I don't worry too much about anyone reading mine, but it is a place for me to write down things I want to remember and to post my photos. Welcome to blogging.

  4. Yay Amy! I have been blogging for over 10 years, and frankly couldn't live without it. You'll like it. I know you will.